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A Healthy Way to Get to Work

Buying the touring bicycles that my husband and I just bought was one of the smartest investments that we have made in years. We have been taking them to work and it has really shown the employees that work at our company that we are serious about doing our part to save the environment and become a greener company.

We have been working to promote green living at work and at home and the fact that we were driving gas guzzling automobiles to work each day when we only live a few blocks from the office did not look very good. Since we bought the bikes, we have been riding them to work each day on the days that the weather allowed us to do so.

It has made quite an impact on several of the employees. Many of them have started riding bikes to work. We have provided a special bike rack for our employees so they can lock up their bikes right alongside the building.

Enjoy value-added benefits as a Queen’s IRC alumni

alumniOnce you complete your first program, you enter the ranks of Queen’s IRC alumni, which entitles you to several value-added benefits that will allow you to extend your training and give your organization lasting benefits. Here are some examples of IRC alumni aftercare:

  • If you require a refresher on some aspect of what you have learned, you are invited to return to a program that you have completed. You pay only for meals and learning materials.
  • Visit a password-protected section of the Queen’s IRC website that is dedicated to providing additional information and research findings to IR and OD/HR alumni.
  • Enjoy a subscription to the IRC monthly newsletter that features Q&A pieces with faculty and stories from alumni on how they use what they have learned from their program.
  • Many faculty members are available to answer your follow-up queries after you return to your organizations and put your learning into practice. Contact the IRC directly and we will attempt to get prompt answers to your queries.

A first for Canada

Industrial Relations at Queen’s came into existence on October 12, 1937. It was the first institution of its kind in the country, a true pioneer. In the ensuing years, Queen’s professors, researchers, students and staff have contributed more to the understanding and development of industrial relations in Canada than any other institution.

From these roots grew the Queen’s Industrial Relations Centre, an institution known as much for its active research, publications and involvement in Canadian public affairs as for its well-respected and well-attended programs and conferences.

In 1983, a School of Industrial Relations was established to offer a multidisciplinary Master of Industrial Relations degree program. Since that first class, more than 500 men and women have graduated from the Queen’s MIR program, a legacy now reflected in the boardrooms of many major Canadian organizations.

In 2003-04, the Industrial Relations Centre and the Master of Industrial Relations program were placed within the School of Policy Studies, where they continue to share a common purpose: to analyze, interpret, and teach others about the world of people at work.

Learn more about the history of Queen’s IRC and its role in people management education

Industrial Relations at Queen’s: The First Fifty Years, published in 1987 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the study of industrial relations at Queen’s.

Biographical sketch of all Queen’s IRC Directors.

Biographical sketch of Dr. Arthur Sweetman, Director of the School of Policy Studies.