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Tool for Great Selfie Taking

I am going to have to find a good tool for taking better selfies, because they are so popular right now, I am trying to make my Instagram account more popular than it is at the moment I am pretty excited about the thought of being able to take great selfies, mostly because it should be able to help to make my account more popular, and that is exactly what I want to happen. I am going to look into which is a site that sells this device that helps you to take selfies from a greater distance away from your body than is possible by just holding your phone at the length of your arm away from your body.

That is good because in a lot of cases, holding a phone at arm’s distance is not enough to really capture the background you are trying for. I am excited about this device, but one thing I am concerned about, is if it will have some sort of remote that lets you take the picture without having to physically touch your phone.

Of course, if I am holding this device out at arm’s length, and then it extended my reach by a couple of feet, there is no way that I would be able to actually touch the phone in such a situation. so I would need another thing to control the phone and make it take pictures at the right time. That does not really sound like a complicated problem, so hopefully it will not be a big deal to make it happen. I guess I will have to wait and find out though, because I am really not sure. I am going to look at the specifications though and try to figure out what it says about that.