Monthly Archives: December 2014

Let’s Just Say No to Fear

Security. It’s something that we Americans have become intimately familiar with since 2001. We could make a good argument that we have been living in a state of fear since 9/11. I am not ashamed to admit that many of my own decisions in regards to security have been prompted because of the fear that I have been exposed to. When I made my first real estate purchase, my first home, I was quick to have ADT Security installed. I understand now that I was afraid of even my own neighbors, a pretty illogical fear by itself. Why should I fear them?

It’s not that crime doesn’t exist but in my entire life I have never actually been exposed to it. I’ve never been mugged. I’ve ever been robbed. Nothing like that has ever happened to me so why should I fear something that is completely unknown to me? It’s because we live in a culture of fear and this week has proven it beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are terrified of the world around us. Continue reading