Monthly Archives: June 2016

Our Kids Went to the Prom in a Limo

When my son told his father and myself that he wanted to drive to his prom, we were not supportive of his decision. We absolutely trust him, but we also knew that he was still a fairly new driver with just one year under his belt. We remembered our own proms and knew all about the distractions, which is why we suggested that he ask some friends if they would like to rent a limo for the night with him. My husband had already looked at and was able to get a quote, so we knew that we could swing this on our own even if no one else decided to chip in. Continue reading

Adventures of a First Time Hunter

A friend of mine talked me into going hunting with her, which was unexpected. I didn’t take her as the kind of person who would want to go hunting, as she never expressed any interest in it, nor in shooting rifles. She’s the kind of person who likes to go shopping for clothes and watch those romantic comedies, so I wasn’t sure where the hunting loving personality came from. She helped me pick out a rifle and some gun accessories for the trip to the woods. She thought it was cute how I was dressed in my camouflage gear.

While in the woods, she told me to be completely silent so that the animals wouldn’t be scared away. We stayed low to the ground and waited for the animals to cross our path, and then when one was in sight, she shot it. Her aim was pretty good, so good that I bet she’s probably won a few shooting competitions in her life. After making a couple of shots, my friend showed me how to shoot. She placed her arms over mine like how some people do when they try to teach people how to play pool.

The more I spent with my friend in the woods, the more of a connection I felt with her. We started to get pretty cozy together, and at moments it felt like something was going to happen between us, but an animal would come near and we would stop and take a chance to shoot it. At the end of the day, we were able to hit two whole deer and some rabbits. I wouldn’t mind going hunting with her again, but I would like to try hunting some ducks. There was this game I used to play as a kid where you had to shoot ducks.