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Protect Your Carpet for Years to Come

I needed to buy rubber underlayment for the new carpeting that I had decided to put down in my rental house. The carpeting in my rental house was probably five years old, but the age of the carpet was not why I wanted to replace it. I had one renter for those five years and they had kids and the kid’s bedroom carpet did not look good anymore. I had tried cleaning it but it still just didn’t look new. I figured if I replaced the carpet I might be able to raise my rent for the place too.I have installed carpet before so I knew I would easily be able to do the work myself, which help save on the cost of the new carpet.

I went online to look for a great deal for the carpeting and I did find a good deal on it, but I wanted to get a sturdier padding than what they were offering. I had read online that if you used a rubber underlay instead of traditional padding it would help the carpet last a lot longer and also give more of a cushion to the carpet. After picking out the color of carpeting I decided to put in the rental house I went online to find a dealer who sold rubber underlayment and that is when I found your website. I read about all of the different types of padding for carpet that you sold. I decided to but the rubber padding for the rental house. Your pricing was very competitive to the regular cheap padding that normally comes with installation of the carpeting. Now that the new carpet is in my rental house I really think that I will get even a higher price for the rent or maybe I will think about selling the property.