Monthly Archives: March 2017

I Have Been Staying at My Cousin’s

In fact I got this temporary job, but it only made sense for me because I knew my cousin would let me crash on his couch. It is not really that awesome a thing, the place is a real mess and I can not wait to get back home where no one would live like this. Of course he is only twenty years old and there is no one there to yell at him to pick up his clothes. The guy is sort of strange honestly, for example he was showing me this app called insta hack which he was using to get into other people’s private instagram accounts. That was really not surprising to me, I would never assume that anything on the web was really private. There are so many people who have nothing better to do with their time than to try to find any vulnerabilities. Continue reading

Retiring to South Carolina Feels So Good

When it came time to retire, looking for an apartment finder for North Charleston SC became a necessity. I was raised in the South and longed to return. I never wanted to leave, actually, but life intervened and jobs took me throughout the Northeast and into Michigan for most of my adult life. Living in the northern part of the country was cold in the winters and mildly warm in the summer. I couldn’t wait to get out of this environment and return to the state of my youth. I’ve had a love affair with Charleston my whole life.

Charleston is a place like no other. It has its own unique atmosphere and vibe. Only those who were born there or spent many years of their life in the city get it. Continue reading