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Not As Nimble As a Kid

I went to the park with my grandson and he wanted me to play on the jungle gym with him. I hadn’t been on a jungle gym since I was a kid in school, so I was a little reluctant to do it, but my grandson convinced me. Everything was fine for a while, but when I tried to follow my grandson through one of the holes in the gym, I did something to my back that caused me a lot of pain., so much that I needed a Sacramento chiropractor. My grandson was shocked by the loud scream I made when it happened and ran to get help.

I was helped up by one of the other adults in the area and he helped me get to my car. I had the choice of either waiting until the next day to go to the chiropractor and just put some ice on it, or go the same day. The pain was so bad that I didn’t think I would be able to sleep with it even when using ice and pain killers, so I decided to go to the chiropractor. I looked at some that were in the area on my phone and went to the closest one.

I was in luck, because the chiropractor wasn’t too busy with a lot of other patients, so I could just walk right in without any problems. Through an examination, the chiropractor found that all that was wrong with me was that I had sprained a muscle. Nothing was broken and I didn’t need to have any serious procedures done. I just needed to keep the muscle relaxed and take some medication for the pain. My grandson was glad to hear that I wasn’t too injured. He thought he had broken my back beyond repair.

Started to Search for a New Apartment

A friend of mine showed me a place which would be perfect if not for the fact that I can not afford the rent. She has a two bedroom luxury apartments for rent in Lewisville TX which is not far at all from my office. I timed the commute after I left and it came out around seven minutes flat. Of course that was at ten in the evening and obviously there was no traffic. So it is likely that it is not going to be that great when you are going there at seven in the morning, but still it is going to be something in that area. That would mean about twenty minutes longer in the bed for me. Continue reading

I Moved to Florida Because It’s Nice Here

The first time I was in Florida, it was just to visit my aunt who had recently moved there. The second time I went was because I enjoyed the first time so much. The third time I went was to move into the Temple Terrace apartments complex because visiting twice was just not enough for me. I wanted to be there full time, so the only way to go about that was by getting an apartment there. I had only been in the Tampa area, so it just made sense to look there.

I was able to get a job at Johnson & Johnson, and that is how I found the Temple Terrace apartments. I can actually walk to work, which is pretty cool. That is not the only place I can get to without a car though. Continue reading

I Just Got Back to Dallas

It was not too bad to be in the Carolinas, but I am really happy to be back home. My whole family was there to meet me when I landed at DFW, they had a big party with a keg of Lone Star in the park down from my Aunt’s place in Flower Mound. It is a big deal to me and of course I am trying to get back with Becky. She was not happy about me moving, but she may take me back if I do not leave again. The North End apartments for Dallas TX that she lives in are really nice and I went by to see her after one of her friends told me where she was. She is not with anyone else now, but she did not seem to be eager to make it easy on me. Continue reading

The Apartment is Well Worth It

I requested an electronic brochure from several of the San Antonio apartments that I was interested in. I received three of them, and I took my time pouring through everything because I wanted to make sure I got the apartment of my dreams on my first try. I had made the mistake in the past of hurrying and selecting one, and then I was locked into a 12 month lease that I wanted out of before the first month was even up. That can really teach a person a valuable lesson, and I am careful on just about everything now if it is a major change in my life.

After looking over the different apartment brochures, it was obvious which one was the best. Woodbridge Apartments has a lot to offer, and I was happy to be on the receiving end of all the amenities they have. Continue reading

I Received a Surprising Phone Call Recently

My mom called me one night and asked me if I knew of any apartments for rent in 30339 last month. I said, “Mom, that’s my zip code.” She told me that she knew that, and wondered because she was thinking of renting an apartment near me. I was speechless at first, and then she explained that she and dad are getting a divorce and she wanted to be near me so that she wouldn’t feel so alone. It took awhile for that to sink in, but I imediately told her that we would definitely work it all out.

I ended up talking to my dad that same day. Continue reading

Our Long-Term Houseguest Prompted a Unique Moving Situation

Have you ever had a relative ask to live with you for a few weeks just until they find a place? You can probably imagine how that would go in most instances, so imagine if it was just a friend who asked. We had that happen a few months ago. A one week stay turned into two months. It was so long that our landlord was complaining. I did not mind the landlord stopping by as I wanted my friend gone too. However, my wife and I got a neat idea while looking for apartments near 30339. This is probably something you are not likely to hear too often.

My friend had a limited budget for housing. He liked our apartment a whole lot, and was actually hoping a place would become available. It was affordable for him, but nothing was available. Continue reading

I Promised That I Would Make Things Better for All of Us

Growing up in a relatively poor section of our state was rough on me and my family. I promised my parents that I would one day get us out of there. We had lived all our lives in a rural area, and I wanted to change that. I told them that one day we would all be living in luxury Atlanta apartments and they smiled and told me they supported me. But I also knew that they didn’t really believe me. They were already so downtrodden, and they had tried to better themselves for a long time and could not. I told myself that I was going to change all that.

The main trouble is that my parents both had mental issues. Both of them suffer from very severe depression. Continue reading

Considering a Move Back to My Hometown

I grew up in Charlotte, but I haven’t been back in at least 20 years. A lot has changed, but the classic charm of the city has not. I came out here to visit my friend, and during dinner she told me that I should move back here. I asked her where she thought I should move specifically, and she said I should check out South End apartments in Charlotte. She said that she heard a lot of great things about those apartments, and that it would be a great way for me to get back into the city once again.

After being gone for so long, I didn’t realize that so many new restaurants and shopping malls had been constructed. Continue reading