Monthly Archives: August 2017

Flyers Work Better Than Most Technologies

I recently discovered that door to door flyer distribution in Singapore works better than any other method of promoting a new product. I couldn’t believe it, but it’s true. How can some shoe leather and flyers work better than websites, targeted online ads, and even newspaper and television advertising? I think it’s because we’re oversaturated with media messages. I also think it’s because many people are starting to tune out the radio and television. Online ads work for older consumers, but everyone else uses an ad blocker and thus never sees any ads you might run.

My company decided to roll out a new product and had me look over the options to see where we should spend our advertising budget. The usual suspects were on the list, including online ads, print and radio spots, etc. I made sure I got an assurance from my boss that I could pick and choose any method I desired to push the product. When he agreed, I told him I was going to pour most of the budget into flyers. Continue reading