Monthly Archives: September 2017

We Finally Picked a Place to Move Too in Singapore

For about five years now we have been picking up the brochures advertising all of the new executive condominium projects here on the Island of Singapore. We have been keeping them in a shoebox. We have a writing tablet in the box that also has our list of things we want in our new place as well as the list of things we do not want. I came home the other day with a brochure from the PARC Life executive condo project, and we looked it over like we did all the others. The leasing cost was very much within our housing budget. This place was not just a dream to have if we got better jobs, it was a definite possibility. Not only that, we could upgrade from a two bedroom place to three bedrooms. Continue reading

I Have a New Girl

I have been single for some time and I guess that I was not really thinking about this when I met the girl. However it was something that she asked me about, although she was rather subtle about it. She started talking about the latest Trump news, but in a fairly neutral manner that did not reveal her position very clearly. I did not pay great attention to it, but she came back to the subject and I realized that she was trying to figure out whether or not I supported the man. Of course I figured that the best thing was to tell the truth, so I told her that I could not really discuss the President of the United States of America in polite company. There is not any lack of animus on my part. Continue reading