A Company That Cares About Its Customers

I wanted to find out more about CPL Energy rates after a friend told me how much she was paying each month for her electricity bill. While it was not that much lower than mine on a monthly basis, the annual savings were enough to make me want to find out if my rates would be around the same amount as hers. I went to a website that had information not only on CPL Energy rates but all of the other companies that service our area too. I was able to get an instant quote, and I was happy to see that I would definitely save money by switching to CPL Energy.

I was about to close out of the site I was on, but I saw that there was a lot of information about CPL on the page. I was curious since I had already determined that I was going to switch to them, so I took a few minutes and read everything the site had on this company. I knew that they were a charitable company because I had seen them advertised as sponsors in various events, but I did not know that they were as heavily involved as they are.

I am sure that some companies want a social presence for a number of reasons, but a company does not go above and beyond like CPL Energy unless the senior management team shares the same values. That impressed me even more than the rate plans, and I knew that I was going to share this information with my friends and family too. I knew that they would react just how I did. While they are happy they are saving money, they are even happier that they are supporting a company that supports the local communities the way that CPL Energy does.