A Great Opportunity Fell into My Lap out of the Blue

When my boss told me that I would be moving to Singapore to fill a new position if I was interested, I was floored. I had never visited anywhere outside my own country much less thought that I would ever have any sort of remote chance of living somewhere else. He said that I wouldn’t even need to look for housing because all executives get to live in their own condo in the 12 on Shan development locaed there in the heart of the city. This sounded like it would be much easier than I thought it would be.

That night, I went home and looked up the condominiums that he told me about. Wow! Talk about amazing! I lhad been living in an average house with my wife and two children so that I could save up for something nicer over time. But my boss told me that they pay for all housing for anyone who chooses to take a job overseas. This would allow me to save a lot of money, and it sounded like a fantastic opportunity. My wife’s eyes lit up when I told her about it. She told me that she hoped that I would take the job, so I went in the next day to tell my boss that I would do it.

I leaned the particulars after I signed an agreement with the company about moving overseas. I would be getting a substantial raise because they felt it would be best to get employees interested that way. They also said that I would only need to pay for my own basic needs such as cable, Internet, phone, etc. Everything else about my condominium would be paid in full and I could live there free of charge for the entire time that we lived there. I was really happy about the entire situation.