A Kettlebell Workout Routine Was Just What Was Needed

I never had kettlebells before so I was looking for the best kettlebell workout. I have a limited amount of space at home to do weight training. A set of kettlebells does not take up as much space as a standard set of weights does. A big barbell was too much for the small workout space I have. I wanted a good workout, but nothing that was extreme. I wanted to be able to tailor it to my needs rather than working for somebody else’s idea of the perfect body that I was not interested in.

I wanted to gain a little muscle and lose some fat. I had made a commitment to eating better and getting regular exercise that included weight training. The weight training was to get back some of the muscle I had been losing as the years slipped by. You wake up one day and realize that you are no longer 20, and that you need to do something to maintain good health. Nothing burns the calories like lean muscle mass, so a regular workout with weights to pack on a little more muscle was just the thing I needed to get me headed in the right direction.

Kettlebells are easy to use. You can work your way up in the amount of weight used for exercises. You do not have to have a bunch of different weights to get started. The solid design with an easy to hold handle makes them perfect for working out your arms and upper body. I am surprised at how well my body responds to the weight training. I can feel the muscles growing bigger and the energy coming back. It sure is true of muscle that you have to use it or lose it. They do not stick around unless they are put to use. A routine workout with kettlebells helps to maintain muscle.