An Attorney Helped My Neighbors to Do the Right Thing

I had been helping out my elderly neighbors for quite some time. They are a husband and wife who are in their seventies. I often offered to do all sorts of chores to help them out. One day, I mowed their lawn for them, and my foot got caught in a hole in their yard. I really hurt myself badly. Later on, I hired a personal injury attorney in Sacramento because I had hurt myself on the couple’s property and my medical bills needed to be attended to.

The couple that I often did things for have lived next to me for 15 years. Despite knowing them for years, I would never say that we have never been close friends. This couple typically likes to stick to themselves and have never been overly friendly with anyone in the neighborhood. But as they grew older, I saw how they were struggling to get things done around their house and I just simply wanted to help them out. I always got the feeling that they didn’t really appreciate it, but I’m the type of person that no matter what.

The day that I tripped and fell in their yard, They both seemed to be pretty unconcerned abou it. I later had to go to the doctor after 3 straight weeks of pain. He said that I had a slipped disc. The couple was unwilling to pay for my medical bills, so I hired an attorney. I had already missed several weeks of work and my medical costs were piling up. The attorney helped me to get the couple’s homeowners insurance copany to pay up. This is how it should have worked in the first place, but the husband and wife had been unwilling to cooperate with me until I got legal help. There is no way that I could afford to miss any more work or pay for any more expensive medical bills on my own.