Bought a Litle Camper This Morning

I was on my way to work the other day and I saw this guy putting a for sale out out on a camper. It was about 12 years old and it had been kept under a big carport. The guy wanted to get a bigger vehicle and he was looking to move this thing. It had satellite dish hooked up to it and if you click here you can see how it makes a lot of sense for me to switch from cable TV to a satellite system. It is obvious if you are going to be using that Camper at least. You can use the direct TV any place you want. At least it is going to come up just about any place that you are going to be able to drive that camper trailer. I guess it is probable that the signal might not be to good if you drove down to Key West or if you went North to Alaska, but neither of those things is in my immediate plans right.

I need to clean out a place on the yard where I can park this thing. I got some cross looks from the neighbors when they came home and saw it parked on the street. Of course there was not much else that I could do with it for right now. This thing is not one of those enormous RV’s that is almost as big as a house, but it it is pretty large and I need to get some stuff cleaned up so that I can park it next to the house. Of course I want it closer to the house because there is less chance that any fool will start to mess with it if it close to the house and not on the street.