Buying Myself a New Home

I have been seriously pondering about buying a new home the past few weeks. I have finally saved up enough money to avoid having to get myself a mortgage which is something I felt to be important if I were going to buy a new home. I feel like mortgages only cause more problems than not because they make the assumption you will be stable through the period you have the mortgage! Browsing the web I came across an ad for siesta key homes for sale. I love Siesta Key and decided that those were going to be the best bet if I wanted to buy a house. As a single guy it is important for me to find a community that is going to fit my needs. I have no plans to start a family but I would still enjoy finding a neighborhood that is community focused; maybe I could encourage the neighborhood vibe on my own if it is lacking!

I have a hard time understanding why we are not as neighborly as we once were with each other. Ever since 9/11 happened we have come across as fearful. It’s like we don’t want to interrupt each other’s lives or some such. I was walking home the other day and I stopped to ask a woman carrying her groceries if she needed some help. She had this wild look of panic in her eyes as if I was going to rob her. This did nothing but make me sad. Why would she feel that way? It is not as if I am a threatening figure, I’m just a guy like any other guy. I hope that things change soon because I sense that we are losing the heart of our nation to fear, panic and uncertainty from the wars.