Dealing with Damage to Hair Caused by Curling Irons and Blow Drying

I do the most damage to the ends of my hair. Between cuts it can get pretty bad. You can see the damage done by the curling iron and the hair dryer. I had my hair cut pretty short to take away all the damaged parts. However, I still wanted my long locks that I style every day. I tried some curling with the shorter hair, but this would only make me have to get it cut even shorter next time. I got natural curly weave hair to lengthen my hair. This way I could style to my heart’s content and not damage my real hair.

The natural hair I had woven in styles just like my own real hair. It is, after all, natural human hair. It matches my color, and it curls perfectly with the curling iron. This is allowing my own natural hair to grow out long again. As my hair grows out I shorten the weave a little at a time. I am not touching my own hair yet for curling iron styling. I will let it grow longer so I can keep my styling just to the hair weave right now.

Once my hair is fully grown back, I might opt for a less heat intensive styling method that will protect my own natural hair. I do not want to have to get it cut short again. However, even if I do, the curly weave has really worked out quite well. No one can tell that I have it, and I do not have to worry about damaging my own hair with my styling methods. I am experimenting with some different styling tricks now with the hair extensions to see if I can come up with something that will look good on my natural hair when it fully grows back.