Do Not Waste Money on Cheap OBD ECU Software and Cables when You Can Have the Real Thing

I like to have full control over the systems that run the cars I own. There is so much software in cars today that it borders on the ridiculous. You might be paying upwards of 30 grand for a car or more, but you do not really own it. The manufacturers now have operating systems in your cars that they have all these rights to. Plus, it is not easy to get software and scanner cables that are affordable and that work. I wanted a fully functional VAG-COM software package and cable. I learned that the cheapo ones you find are worthless. However, you do not have to pay a fortune for them either.

I found a website that sells VAG-COM software and cables that let you do what you want to do and see what you want to see when it comes to your car’s on-board diagnostics and electronic control unit. Most people relent and just go pay a dealership mechanic who is certified in the systems, but they will not tweak your car’s software to boost your performance. They have to operate within guidelines determined by the manufacturer. Now surely you want to keep everything within specs for your warranty, but not every car is under a warranty. And there are those who buy new cars that want to maximize the abilities their performance cars have regardless of warranties.

If you like to do it yourself, and you do not want to pay a VAG-COM mechanic a fortune, then get your own fully functional cable and software. If you go ahead and buy something without checking its specs, then you will end up with a cable and software that is crippled. Most of the stuff out there is just knockoff clones. You want the real thing like the dealers have to give you full access.