Enjoy value-added benefits as a Queen’s IRC alumni

alumniOnce you complete your first program, you enter the ranks of Queen’s IRC alumni, which entitles you to several value-added benefits that will allow you to extend your training and give your organization lasting benefits. Here are some examples of IRC alumni aftercare:

  • If you require a refresher on some aspect of what you have learned, you are invited to return to a program that you have completed. You pay only for meals and learning materials.
  • Visit a password-protected section of the Queen’s IRC website that is dedicated to providing additional information and research findings to IR and OD/HR alumni.
  • Enjoy a subscription to the IRC monthly newsletter that features Q&A pieces with faculty and stories from alumni on how they use what they have learned from their program.
  • Many faculty members are available to answer your follow-up queries after you return to your organizations and put your learning into practice. Contact the IRC directly and we will attempt to get prompt answers to your queries.