Getting My Body Tuned Up

When we got new neighbors, I was not too hopeful about any lasting friendships. They are the third family to live there since we moved in 15 years ago, and I expected they would not last long either. I was wrong though. They quickly became like family to us, and we could not have hand picked better friends to live there. I am so grateful to them for a number of reasons, but one in particular is because I feel so much better than I have in a very long time. They both go to a Santa Barbara chiropractor, and I finally asked them why they do that when they both seem to be in such great health.

I was surprised when he told me that they are in such good shape because of their regular visits to a chiropractor. One of the first things they did here was find a chiropractor in the area that they both felt comfortable with. They have regular manipulations and adjustments done on their backs, and they have told both my wife and myself that they would not feel as great as they do without this. They must have seen the confusion on my face so they explained it better.

They asked me about my car, and how often I tune it up. As soon as they made that analogy, I understood without them even needing to finish it. If I don’t get my car tuned up, then it is obviously not going to run as well. I can tell a difference in it every time I do too, and that is what made me go and visit the chiropractor that they have been seeing here. They were right too, because I feel better than I have in years now that I have a couple of adjustments under my belt. My wife feels the same way too!