Great Apartments at Cypress Lake

For a couple of weeks, I have been looking into new apartments. I am currently living in a two bedroom apartment, and the complex is pretty nice, but the living situations are untenable. I am living with a roommate who might be my worst enemy, and I can’t stand the situation. I am looking at,, right now, because it is the official website for a nearby apartment complex. I know a couple of people who live there, and from the looks of things, it seems to be a pretty nice place to live. Even better, is the fact that it is closer to my place of work than where I am currently living. I am glad that the issues that I am having with my currently roommate, did not really pop up until recently. If it had happened earlier in out time together, then I would have been forced to have tried to find someone to sub-lease my room from me. That is because I could not have stood to be around this person for such a long period. However, as things turned out, I did not really have to wait that long until the end of our lease contract. There are only a couple of weeks left, but each day is torture, and I honestly spend a lot of time away from the apartment right now. I guess that I need to look into the prices for these apartments, or try to contact their front office, and discuss pricing with them directly. Either way, I need to learn how much the rooms cost to rent, so that I will know if this is a place that will work for me, or if I am going to need to look somewhere else in town. I am going to need to find something quickly, as I need to move pretty soon.