Great Office Space for a New Business

I started a business about a year ago, and we have been growing slowly, but steadily since then. However, we have not had a formal place of business, but have rather met at various locations and collaborated on our work using the internet and various software. I think it is time for the business to get a more professional look, and actually get an office space to work in. As such, I am currently looking at woodlands office space as a possible solution.

I need to figure out how much these office spaces are going to cost to rent on a long term basis. I really want to establish a permanent location for our business. I was on their website and noticed that they offered virtual office spaces too, but that is not something I am looking for, as we already have a good telecommunications set up within the business. However, they also have furnished offices and I really think that is something that I should strongly consider.

I am not sure how much cheaper a unfurnished office would be than a furnished office, but I really am leaning towards a furnished office, because I am not trying to make any major expenditures in terms of furniture and everything else that needs to go into an office at this point in time. Nice office furniture is quite expensive, as far as I can tell, and it just seems like it makes more sense to go with the furnished option. Additionally, we are going to need to have frequent meetings, and I would like to make sure that the company will have access to suitably sized meeting rooms to make use of. It would also be helpful if the meeting rooms were equipped with multimedia technology such as projectors and such.