How I Found My Love

In the past, I had bad luck with relationships. My romantic relationships were very short-lived and heartbreaking. I had trouble finding the right woman. Some women did not even find me attractive. Some women wanted to remain friends and did not like me. Other women used me and took advantage of me. I felt so alone. I decided to try California psychics to spruce up my wilting love life.

Last Valentine’s Day, I felt really depressed. I did not a special someone to spend the evening with that night. I thought about other couples and how jealous I was about them. I vowed that I would not spend another Valentine’s Day alone. Suddenly, I saw an infomercial on the television. It was for a psychic named Madame Zania. She claimed that she could read the future. She boasted about her powers to help people find love, financial prosperity and happiness. I was skeptical at first, but I desperate. I decided to call her.

I visited Madame Zania the next day. Her office was filled with trinkets of the occult. She invited me inside her chamber. She had a crystal ball on a table. Madame Zania moved her hands over the crystal ball. She told me that she saw a beautiful Korean woman with a cup of coffee in her hand. She told me to go find the woman of my dreams.

I went to the coffee shop immediately. I was in such a rush that I accidental bumped into a woman. She was a Korean woman named Jooeun. She looked like the girl in Madame Zania’s vision. I helped her up and looked in her eyes. It was love at first sight.

Jooeun and I are so in love with each other. I am so glad that I talked with the psychics. They helped me find the one of the best things that ever came into my life. I am forever grateful for their expertise.