How to Please Your Mother

Working and going to school at the same time is one of the most time consuming experiences I’ve done yet in my life. I’m sure whenever I begin working an actual ‘career’ (whatever that is supposed to mean) I’ll have even less time on my hands than I do now. Wow, writing those words out like that is really making me consider if I want to finish school! Anyhow, with such little time during the day on my hands I had to hire out a cleaning services in Tampa in order to appease my mother. It’s amazing how things like clothes strewn out over the house and some dirty dishes in the sink can send a mother into fits and begin to think you’re falling apart as a person.

So to appease her for whenever she comes along during her regular visits the cleaning service soon became necessary. If there is anything that can make a person feel even more lazy than they might actually be it’s going to be having someone else clean your place. Then again, I certainly didn’t want to disappoint my mother and who knows, the health department might have come down to take a look at my place and decide that I was unfit to have an apartment.

Seriously. There are times when I even doubt myself. The amount of food I left on some plates and left them out, well, it was questionable what exactly was growing on them. I’m sure if some specialists came in and ran tests on that mold I would have had the whole building condemned! Now that I have a cleaner coming in a couple times a week I have managed to not give my mother a heart attack every time she comes to visit to make sure I’m still capable of taking care of myself.