I Have a New Girl

I have been single for some time and I guess that I was not really thinking about this when I met the girl. However it was something that she asked me about, although she was rather subtle about it. She started talking about the latest Trump news, but in a fairly neutral manner that did not reveal her position very clearly. I did not pay great attention to it, but she came back to the subject and I realized that she was trying to figure out whether or not I supported the man. Of course I figured that the best thing was to tell the truth, so I told her that I could not really discuss the President of the United States of America in polite company. There is not any lack of animus on my part. Of course I do not agree with any of his political positions, but I do not think that he believes in any of the things that he is doing. Instead he only believes in doing what benefits Donald J. Trump.

The fact of the matter is that I think that the man is both incompetent and morally reprehensible. In fact I think that he must be some sort of sociopath, since it does not seem possible that a normal person could lie the way that he does. Myself, I will occasionally tell untrue things, but I always have a reason for it and I always have the belief that my chances of getting away with it are pretty high. This guy will tell a lie that any rational person knows is a lie the moment that the words leave his mouth. Of course the girl told me that she would never have anything to do with anyone that voted for Trump and that was fine by me.