I Have Been Staying at My Cousin’s

In fact I got this temporary job, but it only made sense for me because I knew my cousin would let me crash on his couch. It is not really that awesome a thing, the place is a real mess and I can not wait to get back home where no one would live like this. Of course he is only twenty years old and there is no one there to yell at him to pick up his clothes. The guy is sort of strange honestly, for example he was showing me this app called insta hack which he was using to get into other people’s private instagram accounts. That was really not surprising to me, I would never assume that anything on the web was really private. There are so many people who have nothing better to do with their time than to try to find any vulnerabilities. If you have enough people doing all that they can to break in, they must eventually succeed.

In fact the saying goes that the defender of a web page has to be successful all of the time, but the attacker only has to succeed once. It did not really impress me however, because I was not interested in invading some random girl’s privacy. It just did not seem like the sort of thing that a person like me would be interested in doing, most of all because it would embarrass me if I were to get caught. That would seem like a very difficult thing to explain to other people and I know for a fact that girls would find it creepy. Obviously you do not want girls to think that of you, it has to be one of the very worst impressions that you could make on someone of the opposite sex.