I Just Got Back to Dallas

It was not too bad to be in the Carolinas, but I am really happy to be back home. My whole family was there to meet me when I landed at DFW, they had a big party with a keg of Lone Star in the park down from my Aunt’s place in Flower Mound. It is a big deal to me and of course I am trying to get back with Becky. She was not happy about me moving, but she may take me back if I do not leave again. The North End apartments for Dallas TX that she lives in are really nice and I went by to see her after one of her friends told me where she was. She is not with anyone else now, but she did not seem to be eager to make it easy on me. I got the feeling that she wanted me to beg and that did not seem like something that I wanted to do to be honest. It is not like I might not do it in the end, but I am surely not going to do it right off.

At any rate they had given away my office at work obviously and for the moment they are not going to assign me one. I knew what this meant right off and when they got me a new company car it was obvious that I was going to be out on the road. They assigned me a pretty big territory, nearly all of it is South of the metro area. At any rate they have a pretty big mess for me to clean up. I found out about that pretty quickly. They sent me up to the top floor and told me that the guy who I was replacing had been stealing from everyone.