I Moved to Florida Because It’s Nice Here

The first time I was in Florida, it was just to visit my aunt who had recently moved there. The second time I went was because I enjoyed the first time so much. The third time I went was to move into the Temple Terrace apartments complex because visiting twice was just not enough for me. I wanted to be there full time, so the only way to go about that was by getting an apartment there. I had only been in the Tampa area, so it just made sense to look there.

I was able to get a job at Johnson & Johnson, and that is how I found the Temple Terrace apartments. I can actually walk to work, which is pretty cool. That is not the only place I can get to without a car though. There is a lake not too far away, and I am saving up to buy a canoe or kayak so I can go boating on my own there. There are bike paths all over the place, and I love taking my bike out and just exploring. There are days where I just like to hang out at the complex and chill too.

There is a super nice swimming pool here, plus a fitness center, a picnic area, an outdoor kitchen, and much more. My aunt only lives about ten minutes away, so I get to see her fairly often as well. She comes over sometimes when one of the community events that we have here sparks her interest, and I think she is hoping that there will be a vacancy here when her own apartment lease is up. I don’t blame her, because where I live is so much nicer than where she is. That’s really saying something too, because she has a sweet place too!