I Promised That I Would Make Things Better for All of Us

Growing up in a relatively poor section of our state was rough on me and my family. I promised my parents that I would one day get us out of there. We had lived all our lives in a rural area, and I wanted to change that. I told them that one day we would all be living in luxury Atlanta apartments and they smiled and told me they supported me. But I also knew that they didn’t really believe me. They were already so downtrodden, and they had tried to better themselves for a long time and could not. I told myself that I was going to change all that.

The main trouble is that my parents both had mental issues. Both of them suffer from very severe depression. They worked hard whenever they could, but that wasn’t good enough. Depression would kick them and push them down so many times. I don’t know how I didn’t inherit it, but so far I have been lucky. I wanted to be able to make a better life for my parents. So, I set my sights on moving them to a larger city where there is better medical care and a better way of living all around.

I graduated from my university with honors. I was chosen to work at a very prestigious company right after graduation. I moved away for awhile to work there, but I told my parents that I would never go away for good. I promised them both that we would all move to a nice place as soon as I could afford to make that happen. Three years after I had been working for the same company, I had moved up the ladder quite a bit there. I was making enough to help my parents. True to my word, I moved my parents to Atlanta so that I could help them.