Industrial Relations

Laying the Groundwork for Excellence in Union-Management Relations

Alumni Voices

“Very knowledgeable speakers, extremely well organized, and excellent choice of facilities. This is a highly educational week that provides the participant with transferable knowledge and skills.”Kathy Reyhany
Senior Advisor
York University
Toronto, ON

Develop your skills in collective bargaining, grievance mediation and arbitration. Enhance your professional credentials. Increase your effectiveness in your organization. You’ll achieve all of this and more when you attend this industrial-relations seminar from the recognized leader in the field.


Your Opportunity
During this five-day program you’ll learn to:

  • respond to the growing impact of human-rights legislation
  • design effective approaches to discipline and discharge
  • ensure successful grievance mediation
  • research and prepare for an arbitration hearing
  • prepare for collective bargaining
  • negotiate a collective agreement

Who benefits?
Managers, supervisors, union officials and industrial-relations professionals who are responsible for employee relations in their organization will benefit the most from this seminar.

Organizational benefits

By effectively transferring the learnings from this program, the sponsoring organization will see the following positive results:

  • Stronger labour management relations to enhance competitive capabilities
  • Aligned IR systems that promote high performance
  • Reduced grievance arbitration costs
  • Better understanding of the role of IR practitioners in shaping labour management culture

Program leaders and trainers
Alison Cunningham (Chair), Henry Dinsdale, Donald Carter, Peter Edwards, Michael Failes, Gary Furlong, Roy Heenan, and Rick Russell. Guest speaker: Stacey Allerton Firth is Vice President, Human Resources, at Ford Motor Company of Canada. (Spring session)

Dates and Fees
Fall 2008: September 21 – 26 – $4,550.00

Includes registration, tuition, lunches, some dinners and all instructional materials.
If you register and pay two months prior to the opening date of the program, you will receive a $300 discount.
Sessions begin on the Sunday at 4:30 p.m. and close at noon on the Friday.