Is There an Easy Way to Lose Weight?

If you went to ask the internet I am sure you could find a million different people who could tell you exactly what you need to do, or more specifically they will tell you what to buy. They all have a DVD or some strange mango diet. I just finished reading these CLA safflower oil diet reviews for example, this girl I know claimed that it worked and you can find other people who say as much too. However I found these reviews a bit shaky to be honest and they seemed to have been paid for. It is really hard to know what to believe when you see it on the web, but I always want to think about whether or not you can find a providence. I really do not think that there is much reason to think that anything works, although I suppose that there are ways to suppress the appetite, although the ones that I know about are both illegal and dangerous.

The meal replacement idea is what I settled on, although I also decided to give up sodas. I had been drinking one or two of them per day, so that is obviously something where you get a lot of calories with no real benefit. Then I would often drink a large sweet tea when I ate my supper. I was wondering if there was a decent way to sweeten it without the calories, but to this point none of the things I have tried were very tasty. I have to figure out how to get more exercise now. I have just been trying to get in better shape so far, with the idea that you do not want to get all in without having made your body ready for the stress of real exercise first.