Let’s Just Say No to Fear

Security. It’s something that we Americans have become intimately familiar with since 2001. We could make a good argument that we have been living in a state of fear since 9/11. I am not ashamed to admit that many of my own decisions in regards to security have been prompted because of the fear that I have been exposed to. When I made my first real estate purchase, my first home, I was quick to have ADT Security installed. I understand now that I was afraid of even my own neighbors, a pretty illogical fear by itself. Why should I fear them?

It’s not that crime doesn’t exist but in my entire life I have never actually been exposed to it. I’ve never been mugged. I’ve ever been robbed. Nothing like that has ever happened to me so why should I fear something that is completely unknown to me? It’s because we live in a culture of fear and this week has proven it beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are terrified of the world around us. The movie The Interview has been scrapped after a hacking group potentially associated with North Korea made threats against theaters and Americans should they watch the movie.

Because of that threat, Sony completely caved. The theaters caved. Now the movie will not be seen by American audiences because of some vague, nonsensical threat made by a group that does not have the means to attack the 18,000 theaters across United States. This is the culture we live in. This is the fear that is motivating us. We need to do everything that we can to overcome this fear and move forward. Show the movie. Show this group of anonymous hackers that we’re not afraid of their petulant threats and pitiful demands.