My Brand New Mom Thanks to Coolsculpting in Singapore

My mother had moved overseas many years ago and I loved being able to visit her, wherever she was. I worked at a job based online and was able to work anywhere I could connect to the Internet so I visited my mother often for several weeks or months at a time.

The last time I visited my mother, I was amazed as she had clearly lost a lot of weight. She told me she had gotten coolsculpting in Singapore and couldn’t be happier. While my mother was never horribly overweight, she had the usual issues, bumps and bulges all women tend to suffer from as they age, and after giving birth. My mother had tried diet and exercise for those trouble areas, but to no avail.

My mother briefly explained the coolsculpting process and I had to admit it sounded intriguing and something I would definitely consider. No surgery was necessary and the results were beyond impressive. Body fat is targeted and frozen externally, through the skin, effectively killing the fat cells, which turn to water and are voided from the body naturally. The process does not harm other cells or organs, there is little to no discomfort involved and results were evident within a few months.

It had taken my mother many years to get over the passing of my father and she was ready to meet new people, but lacked the confidence necessary to make herself available to date. She was living in exotic locations around the world, and enjoying life for certain, but I think her constant moving was due to her loneliness in not having a companion in life. Coolsculpting had clearly restored my mother’s confidence and any worries I had about her spending her remaining years alone were quickly erased when my mother mentioned we would be meeting a new man she met at a party for dinner that evening.