My Vacancy Rate is Diminishing

I was hired on as an apartment manager for a large apartment complex in San Diego a few months ago. The reason I was hired was because the former manager was simply not adequate at her job. She had too many vacant apartments every month. That meant that the bottom line was affected, which meant that the owners’ bank accounts were affected. I was brought in because I had promised I could turn this around. It’s not that I am a miracle worker on my own, but I did have a secret weapon in

See, I had done my research before I made any claims about being able to improve the leasing situation. I knew that I could not do this on my own, because the former manager had already spruced up the looks of the apartments and had an intense marketing campaign going on. Her only problem was she had dealt with advertising in newspapers and billboards, which just is not as effective as it was even a few years ago. It seems everyone goes online for their information nowadays, which is why I had researched an online marketing company and found MultiFamilyTraffic.

I read everything that they do, and I knew that they were the ones who would help me get more apartments leased. The great thing is that the budget for marketing was set pretty high because there were just too many apartments that were not being utilized. An even greater thing though is that once I did contract the services of this online marketing agency, I did not have to use the full budget. In fact, I used even less than my predecessor did, which made my bosses even happier with me. The bottom line is that this marketing service delivered on their promises, and my vacancy rate is decreasing every week now.