Developing Negotiating Styles and Tactics to Master the Dynamics of Collective Bargaining

Alumni Voices

“The Queen’s Negotiation program is as close as you’ll get to the real thing. I recommend it to anyone, from rookie to veteran, to develop negotiation skills and confidence. It is truly an exceptional program.”James L. Finnigan
Manager, Human Resources
Labatt Breweries
London, ON

Information on the Negotiation Skills program in BANFF

A Program for Strategic Bargaining Players
Negotiating collective agreements in today’s complex business world isn’t easy. As management and unions strive to be more effective, collective bargaining must be closely linked to a company’s strategic goals and priorities. In this innovative and challenging program, you’ll build negotiating skills that will help you and your organization succeed.

Your opportunity
During this five-day program you’ll learn to:

  • prepare effectively for negotiations
  • cost the collective agreement
  • develop strategic mandates
  • identify interests — yours and theirs
  • open negotiations constructively
  • negotiate helpful pre-agreements
  • negotiate and reach agreement on difficult issues
  • formulate and deliver proposals
  • manage impasses
  • use forcing and fostering effectively

Who benefits?
Human-resources and industrial-relations professionals, managers and union representatives who prepare for negotiations, as well as those on their negotiating teams, will benefit the most from this program.

Organizational benefits

By effectively transferring the learnings from this program, the sponsoring organization will see the following positive results:

  • Better outcomes from collective bargaining sessions
  • Faster and more effective preparation of negotiating team members
  • Improved labour management relations
  • Creation of competitive advantage through strategic negotiations

Program leaders and trainers
Alison Cunningham (Chair), Rick Adkins, Gary Furlong, Alan Loyst and Andy MacDonald

Dates and Fees
Fall 2008: October 19 – 24 – $4,550.00

Includes registration, tuition, lunches, some dinners and all instructional materials.
If you register and pay two months prior to the opening date of the program, you will receive a $300 discount.
Sessions begin on the Sunday at 5:00 p.m. and close on the Friday at noon.