Not As Nimble As a Kid

I went to the park with my grandson and he wanted me to play on the jungle gym with him. I hadn’t been on a jungle gym since I was a kid in school, so I was a little reluctant to do it, but my grandson convinced me. Everything was fine for a while, but when I tried to follow my grandson through one of the holes in the gym, I did something to my back that caused me a lot of pain., so much that I needed a Sacramento chiropractor. My grandson was shocked by the loud scream I made when it happened and ran to get help.

I was helped up by one of the other adults in the area and he helped me get to my car. I had the choice of either waiting until the next day to go to the chiropractor and just put some ice on it, or go the same day. The pain was so bad that I didn’t think I would be able to sleep with it even when using ice and pain killers, so I decided to go to the chiropractor. I looked at some that were in the area on my phone and went to the closest one.

I was in luck, because the chiropractor wasn’t too busy with a lot of other patients, so I could just walk right in without any problems. Through an examination, the chiropractor found that all that was wrong with me was that I had sprained a muscle. Nothing was broken and I didn’t need to have any serious procedures done. I just needed to keep the muscle relaxed and take some medication for the pain. My grandson was glad to hear that I wasn’t too injured. He thought he had broken my back beyond repair.