Our Kids Went to the Prom in a Limo

When my son told his father and myself that he wanted to drive to his prom, we were not supportive of his decision. We absolutely trust him, but we also knew that he was still a fairly new driver with just one year under his belt. We remembered our own proms and knew all about the distractions, which is why we suggested that he ask some friends if they would like to rent a limo for the night with him. My husband had already looked at http://www.torontolimovip.ca/ and was able to get a quote, so we knew that we could swing this on our own even if no one else decided to chip in.

However, it seems that a lot of us were having the same thoughts because other parents we talked to were more than happy to chip in for this. They agreed with us about trusting the kids, but being weary of the distractions since they are all so young. We knew that none of them were taking drugs or drinking things they shouldn’t have been, but those aren’t the only distractions either. My son and his date along with nine other couples decided to share a limo, which made a lot of us parents very happy.

The driver was ready to pick them up right after their Grand March, which is when they got to show off their fancy dresses and tuxedos to their friends and family. The driver helped them into the extremely spacious limo, and he safely drove them to dinner and then to their dance. The kids all told us later that they had a lot more fun since they could all ride to the different places together, and how nice it was to just focus on each other rather than traffic and parking. That is a win for all of us!