Our Long-Term Houseguest Prompted a Unique Moving Situation

Have you ever had a relative ask to live with you for a few weeks just until they find a place? You can probably imagine how that would go in most instances, so imagine if it was just a friend who asked. We had that happen a few months ago. A one week stay turned into two months. It was so long that our landlord was complaining. I did not mind the landlord stopping by as I wanted my friend gone too. However, my wife and I got a neat idea while looking for apartments near 30339. This is probably something you are not likely to hear too often.

My friend had a limited budget for housing. He liked our apartment a whole lot, and was actually hoping a place would become available. It was affordable for him, but nothing was available. Well, we had a one bedroom place and had been wanting to make a big leap to a three bedroom place that would be a lot nicer. My friend was so embarrassed about not finding a place that he even slept in his car some nights. We found out about it and made him stop. He wanted to move, and I admit we wanted him out too. That sounds harsh, but we have a routine we like. We were adapting, but we used it as an opportunity to fix both of our problems.

My wife and I found Overton Rise and were simply taken with the apartment we were shown. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms at 1,570 square feet. It was exactly what we wanted. So, the choice was obvious. We offered our old apartment to my friend, and we would take the three bedroom place at Overton Rise. Our landlord was okay with the lease transfer as my friend has great credit, just a limited budget. We finally got the luxury apartment we had been wanting for almost a year, and now everyone was happy. The three bedrooms are not an invitation to friends and relatives to move in. One spare bedroom is an office, and the other one is now a nursery for our baby that will be here in a few months.