Retiring to South Carolina Feels So Good

When it came time to retire, looking for an apartment finder for North Charleston SC became a necessity. I was raised in the South and longed to return. I never wanted to leave, actually, but life intervened and jobs took me throughout the Northeast and into Michigan for most of my adult life. Living in the northern part of the country was cold in the winters and mildly warm in the summer. I couldn’t wait to get out of this environment and return to the state of my youth. I’ve had a love affair with Charleston my whole life.

Charleston is a place like no other. It has its own unique atmosphere and vibe. Only those who were born there or spent many years of their life in the city get it. The city was immortalized in a book by a famous southern author, in fact, and he nails the sense of old culture and the sort of closed off social system that is lacking in most other cities. So it just made sense to retire there and spend the winter of my life soaking in the city’s many charms.

Unfortunately, we needed to find an apartment first due to the fact that we had an offer on our home up north. So looking online for an apartment finder turned up many excellent options. It wasn’t hard at all to make a decision after seeing the complex, the amenities on offer, and talking with the staff on the phone. We plan on staying here for about six months in which time we hope to finalize on a house. The apartment staff was fine with our plans and even offered to get us in earlier than we expected. Can’t wait to move in and start walking around a city I’ve known and loved for years!