Started to Look for a New Apartment

I do not think that I can stand very much more from the other people at the complex where I have been living for the past six months. My lease is almost up, so I have began to look for nice and inexpensive apartments for rent in Buffalo Grove IL. That is not easy to find and I thought that I had done really well when I found this place. It is not in a perfect location for the job that I have right now, but it is less than 10 minutes from the office. That is a big deal to me, since I really do not enjoy getting out of bed early in the morning. Right now I can pop out of bed, jump in the shower, grab something to eat and get to work in around a half an hour. I would love it if I could find another place which is similarly close to the office. If it was possible for me to stand this place I would stay here. The rent is reasonable, the location is really good and it is a fairly nice apartment. However there are a bunch of really obnoxious people living in this apartment complex. I do not care for getting woke up at three in the morning by a bunch of people screaming at one another. It is not really possible for me to figure out what is going on, but at least half a dozen times you get police coming to break up the nonsense. It seems to be some sort of feud, but I am pretty sure that both of the guys involved in it are mentally disturbed in some way. That really does not matter to me, because I just want to get a good night of sleep when I lay down.