Started to Search for a New Apartment

A friend of mine showed me a place which would be perfect if not for the fact that I can not afford the rent. She has a two bedroom luxury apartments for rent in Lewisville TX which is not far at all from my office. I timed the commute after I left and it came out around seven minutes flat. Of course that was at ten in the evening and obviously there was no traffic. So it is likely that it is not going to be that great when you are going there at seven in the morning, but still it is going to be something in that area. That would mean about twenty minutes longer in the bed for me. It takes me a lot longer to get to work from where I live now, but it is a whole lot longer if the traffic is bad and since you never know when that will happen, I have to allow more time.

I really love the fitness center at this place for starters. I have been getting up in the morning to work out, trying to lose a little bit of weight and get to where the doctor says that I should be. Of course it is impossible to do much strenuous work outside during the daylight down here in Texas, so that has been necessary. If you have a place to work out in doors, then you do not have to change your schedule. It has a couple of swimming pools too and they are really nice. My friend has a need for a roommate and we are trying to figure out if that is going to work out, usually it does not and she would prefer to have another girl share the place if she knew one she trusted.