Staying out of the Heat

It gets hot in Sacramento. The summer nights can be unbearable without air conditioning. A good place for repairs on Sacramento HVAC is a necessity.

I remember one May, our HVAC went out. We tred to stay cool any way we could. I had box fans in all the windows. We were chugging water as fast as we could. My husband had a wet towel that he kept wrapped around his shoulders to help with the heat.My poor dogs were panting and pacing like crazy. But it was just too hot.

I started calling around to every HVAC repair place I could find on the internet. I was asking for prices and how much experience they had. I needed it afforable but also I needed quality work. I finally found a business that appeared to be reliable. I did not have a lot of extra money but we couldn’t deal with the heat any longer. I was afraid one of us would get heat exhaustion.

The repair guy arrived exactly when he said he would. He was very polite and explained everything, We agreed on the price and he got right to work. A few hours later, I had air conditioning once again. I have never been so happy to hear it cut on before. I might have yelled for joy when I felt the cool air.

There were no hidden fees when I got my bill. Everything was clearly laid out on what I was charged for. I have their card stuck on my fridge now, just in case I ever have to fix the unit again.

I can now relax and enjoy my house again without sweating and being miserable. I am so glad that I found a company I can trust to repair my HVAC. I never realized how dependant I was on my air conditioning until I just did not have it.