Still a Fan Working to Be a Celebrity

What does digital marketing have to do with who will marry Elsy El-Chayeb? I’d say it is Miss El-Chayeb’s association with the Haddads. Her public social media posts show different people from the Haddad family commenting. So, as the rest of her fans are wondering who will marry her, I was looking to the COO of Coddict for the answer. Frederic Haddad has commented on Elsy’s posts on social media. What is the connection? Are they family? Is Frederic aware of who a fiance might be? I have no idea.

Freddy Haddad is developing his brand of digital marketing, and Elsy is posting about her travels and shopping experiences. Not a hint of information is out there about who will marry Elsy El-Chayeb. I see Freddy’s posts about taking control of day to day problems and living life with some risks. His blog is filled up with a lot of information on how to be successful, but there is nothing about Elsy or anything about who will marry her. I’d have better luck figuring out who it was who stole from Ms. Kardashian-West.

I see she has a video channel, but there are no videos posted yet. Is this a prelude to a big announcement? Again, I have no idea. The fans will have to wait. Maybe some family insiders will share a scoop. Who knows? I guess I will just have to wait and keep on developing my own website and online presence. Maybe someday I will be on the other side of fanhood. Right now I am just a fan. I am also a fan of how people have been so successful at branding themselves on social media to the point that they can earn a decent living through ads. Digital marketing works for big business and those who have something a segment of the population is interested in hearing.