The Apartment is Well Worth It

I requested an electronic brochure from several of the San Antonio apartments that I was interested in. I received three of them, and I took my time pouring through everything because I wanted to make sure I got the apartment of my dreams on my first try. I had made the mistake in the past of hurrying and selecting one, and then I was locked into a 12 month lease that I wanted out of before the first month was even up. That can really teach a person a valuable lesson, and I am careful on just about everything now if it is a major change in my life.

After looking over the different apartment brochures, it was obvious which one was the best. Woodbridge Apartments has a lot to offer, and I was happy to be on the receiving end of all the amenities they have. They have a nice list of things for the community as a whole in addition to each individual resident as well. Both lists of amenities are more than I ever would have expected from an apartment complex, which is the reason they are the ones I applied at first.

It did not take very long at all for them to get back to me. Everything happened quickly, and I was given the keys to my new apartment within days of filling out the application. Moving in was very easy, and it honestly cheered me up so much to see the washer and dryer going into the apartment since that meant my laundromat days were finally over. I feel really blessed for living in such a nice place. There is even a night patrol that goes around, making all of the residents here feel that much safer. This apartment is worth every penny that I pay for it!