Thinking About Living in the Upper Peninsula

I have started to think about how hard it would be to move part time up to this little cottage that my family owns in the Upper Peninsula. Obviously it is a real problem to live up in that part of the state during the Winter. I am not planning on trying that, although it has always been a problem to take care of this place during the snowy months. You can not leave it there unattended the entire Winter, or else you will get the roof caved in by the weight of snow. Hughesnet in Michigan is probably the only way to get the internet up there, which is going to be less than ideal. Satellite internet is quite expensive to begin with and it is just not that good in comparison to the other options. However that is only relevant where there are other options and this cottage is literally out in the middle of nowhere. The truth is that it is hard to know if any other men had been to this particular spot before my grandfather went to work on it. There is an old logging road which gets you close to the lake. He went in there with a chainsaw and a couple of mules, that is how he cleared off the land and built the three quarters of a mile of road you have to use to get there. It is what you call a corduroy road, which means that you take the trees that you cut down and use them as the pavement, so to speak. You have to figure out how to do that if you want to build a road in this sort of land, because a normal road would just sink into the marshy soil. It is a great place to hunt and fish obviously.