This Internet Provider Still Has Great Prices

I have to have Internet in my home so that I can work. I work on my own as a freelance worker, so I do not have a company that provides me with online access. This also means that I need to save money and be careful about which company I get access from. I found some interesting deals at when I was trying to research the best company to go with.

The last company that I was with signed me with a one year contract. As soon as the 12 months was up, they dramatically raised the price. I was stunned. When I called to ask about the increase, they said that I was welcome to sign another contract for yet another year, and if so, they would then discount the price back down a little. I felt like I was in between a rock and a hard place, so I went ahead and did it. However, the discount they gave me was not as much as I hoped that it would be. Then, my service began to have problems. It did not work 24 hours per day as it should, and other times it was very slow. I knew it was time to find someone else.

So, I was really happy to find the website that told me about Frontier Internet. I really liked their prices immediately. In fact, I even wondered if there was some sort of catch because they were offering such a good deal. I ended up calling to talk to them because I worried there was some sort of info I was missing about the pricing. The representative there mentioned that I can lock prices in for at least 3 years. That sounded very good to me! I don’t know of any other company that does that.