Trying to Design a Web Page

If you want to see a really poor web page, then you can click here. I have been messing around a bit and that is where I am right now. It is not that web page, but it is the same sort of thing. There is a framework with nothing on it I guess you could say. The truth is that you do not really have to know a ton to be able to design a simple web page. I do not know much, but I was not trying to invent the wheel. The idea is pretty simple. You can do a good bit by simply knowing how to use templates. It is like buying the furniture sets that are made out of particle board I suppose. You get the pieces of wood and the fasteners and the instructions. You read the instructions and if you do it right then you end up putting all of the pieces together in the right way and you end up with a desk.

Of course a lot of the time those things fall apart when you try to get them to stand up and the same happened to me. I thought that I had done all of the things that I was supposed to do. Then I tried to make it work and it all fell apart. The pieces of the web page were together for a brief instant, but they did not work right when it. It was a very annoying thing to tell the truth. So I am right back at the very beginning trying to figure out what I did wrong and why it all fell apart when I tried to use it. Of course a web page is not any use if it does not have a form and function.