Watching JDrama Reminds Me of My Younger Years Living in Japan

I spent a few years in Japan as a child when my dad worked for the military. He was a liaison with the Japanese military for our country. I spent enough time to pick up a good understanding of their language. However, I could not read or write it except for a tiny amount. I do remember liking some of the television shows I saw over there as a kid. My mom and I watched a lot of the game shows. They are outlandish compared to our game shows here. As an adult I started to get interested in JDrama. I had a few favorite action shows as a kid, now I was into crime dramas. During a hiatus of my favorite American crime drama, I got into a Japanese crime drama series on the Internet.

I found a JDrama website that has full episodes of the Japanese shows. They were all new shows, but they were very familiar to me from the time I spent in Japan. I showed my mom and dad what I found, and they tell me they are now following the episodes of a couple shows. My dad is fluent in the language, and my mom is pretty good too. They do not need the subtitles. I do. I can pick out about every fourth or fifth word the actors are saying. However, I am getting better as time goes on.

There was one show that had an episode where the dialog was spoken more slowly for the effect needed in the script. That was really helpful in me picking out more of the words so I could understand what was being said without resorting to reading the subtitles in English. It is fun to watch the shows just to see how similar we all are. Even the camera angles, moody cinematography and other stuff of dramas shines through in the Japanese shows I watch online. Human nature is the same across cultures.