We Have Lost Touch with Our Society

People are fleeing Texas. Are you surprised? With the cost of the wall being placed at some double digit billions of dollars, and that’s only the appraised constructed cost, we’re looking at a multi-billion dollar sink hole that is going to put a massive strain on Texas. There are those that think that it’s going to bring in jobs. It’s going to do that. When the Wall is completed, what happens then? All those jobs and the people who moved to the Lone Star state are going to be without jobs. That’s why I found these Scottsdale AZ apartments ahead of time.

Without anywhere to go those former employed individuals are going to en mass look for new places to live. Texas is not going to want them. Will there even be room in Texas? I have a feeling that they’ll have to build temporary camps to hold the vast number of workers that they’ll have building the wall. Mexico is definitely not going to pay for the cost nor are they going to build the wall. President Trump has clearly misguided the American people. The state of Texas is going to suffer the consequences of it and be forced to share the burden of the immense cost of the Wall.

What are we doing here and now as a people? For myself, I’m living in Arizona for the time being. Once President Trump is out of office I think I’ll consider moving back as long as the economy of the state hasn’t been completely destroyed. It’s going to do so much damge to the economy that I’m still in a dazed bafflement that we have allowed President Trump to become President. The man has definitely lost his sense of touch with reality and I suppose that means so have the American people.