We Just Got to Singapore

I have just gotten here this week and I have to admit that this is a really hectic place to live and work. The boss is going to be here in a couple of weeks and then we are going to start on the project for real. He wants to find out how to register a company in Singapore and that is something that we will hire a specialist to help us with. Obviously you need someone with the local knowledge to guide you through those sorts of things. That is way more easy than it would be to try to figure it out all on your own, but that is not something we would do. We simply do not have the time to spare on fumbling round in a bunch of red tape, particularly not a foreign country’s red tape. We get paid to do our own jobs and when we have something that is outside of what we know how to do, then we find people who know how to do that.

I am astonished to see how difficult it can be to get around this place. Like most other things in the world it is a matter of knowing the lay of the land. The local folk understand that at certain times it is impossible to move in the most crowded parts of the city. So they know how much time they have to allow for a destination. Not knowing this sort of thing you have to wonder how bad it is going to be is a really difficult for me. It is a process that we are working on, but for now we still have to get started on all sorts of things. The best location for the office is the big problem that must be solved.