What Does a Realtor Do?

I have been thinking about going into real estate as a career, although from what I can tell it seems as though it is the sort of work which really only pays great if you are really good at it. I was trying to figure out what is the difference between say for example a realtor in Denver vs.. A real estate agent in Denver. The one is going to have a lot higher level of education it seems and a realtor is usually going to be the person who employ a number of real estate agents. If you look up the definition of a realtor the internet says that it is someone who has taken real estate classes beyond the agent level as required by state laws and has passed a broker’s license exam. They can then work either by themselves or they can hire agents to work for them. An agent could simply be caused a salesperson as well.

In fact I am really much more interested in being the person who calls the shots and does things the way that he wants to do them. The truth is that being an agent would be pretty good in most respects, but the realtor is the one who has the chance to make the best of it. In theory he is going to be able to do the job on his own terms and leave the work to other people when he wants to. Obviously if you sell the home by yourself, then you are making all of the profit by yourself, but you can do that when it is a good idea and also let a number of other people do the same job and then kick up some of the commission. It is a great job so long as you make the sales.